Thursday, February 07, 2008

And Then He Goes and Does Something Like That

Today was Wednesday (NO. There will be no Super Tuesday post - visit the Duchess for that). On Wednesdays I stay home all day. It rocks. On this Wednesday, I spent the day cleaning all the "Little" rooms.

Little Mr. Eris lives in the basement where he enjoys a fair amount of freedom. I get down there once every couple of weeks to yell at him for a messy room. Today I skipped the middle man and just cleaned it myself. I wasn't too mad, because he had just cleaned it a couple of days ago. So I started going through all the little papers and scraps (and a kabillion candy wrappers... glad we're paying for those braces just so his teeth can rot) and I found a TRAX ticket on his desk.

The TRAX ticket was from September 12, 2007 - the day he came to school with me and went to one of my classes. We rode the train, ate some lunch, went to class and had a great time.

The kid saved the TRAX ticket. Sweet Oden's Rave, I love him.

PS - Numismatist, this story is not aimed at you...

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Numismatist Facts said...

I knew it wasn't aimed at me. But it does explain why he won't eat at my house.

Yes, Little Mr. Eris is a sentimental sweetheart. We love him, too.