Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Beat Goes On

Today, I went to the class I am TA-ing in - and this is the best gig ever! I sit in class while the instructor teaches. I say nothing. I do nothing. I will have to grade two assignments and two tests for the semester. She says maybe I'll teach a session or two. Hmmm, I'm ok with this set up.

My cubicle is the first one as you walk in the door of the grad student offices, which means I am now the un-official receptionist. But that's ok, I brought in a Mason Jar for tips. And I have close to five hours on Tuesday and Thursday to do nothing but work (and eat). Plus, I have a window, too!

And Meemoo, I'm disappointed in you. "Promise me you'll look after Tommy Boy here, til he gets his feet wet!"


Numismatist Facts said...

And they pay you to do this?

Muriel said...

I blame it on the brain cells lost while being pregnant. I knew I knew that one. I could hear David Spade's little voice just couldn't place it.

Loki said...

My first semester, my "mentor" teacher was called to jury duty. I taught seven and a half weeks of the semester. I started on the 3rd day. Oh the joy. You will love teaching the class. I think you'll be really good at it too. Most of it is just loving what you are teaching.

Casidub said...

Your own cubicle. Your very grown up now. A woman of business. I bet you could get the business woman special at lunch now.

Eris said...

I'll just have two burgers and two Diet Cokes. Thanks.

Watch out Tucson, here I come!