Sunday, November 25, 2007

Now I Can Work!

Three weeks of school left. I have two papers to present this week, one final draft of a methods section to turn in, and one paper to just turn in. Next week, I have two papers due.

But it is ALLLLLL good. Why? you ask. Well, because I have been slowly working on these projects all semester (very slowly, to tell the truth) but the work load means nothing, it's the shirt that matters.

Through my last year at Weber and my two years of grad school at USU whenever I had a lot of work to do I would get cozy in my Brooklyn Roads sweatshirt and all would be well. The sweatshirt has been lost for the last week. PANIC! Mr. Eris found the shirt for me today, and now I am booking along! All is right in my academic world.

I'll be in touch after Thursday. Wish me luck!

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