Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Civic Doody

It was voting day! Do you have your sticker? I do.

As I arrived at my polling place this evening I was greeted just outside the parking lot by people holding campaign signs. I approached them and asked if they were far enough away from the polling location. (I was further bothered by the fact that they were standing on the parking strip and sidewalk in front of an LDS church. Um, no politicking there, please.)

Their response? "We are standing where the guy who hired us told us to stand." They were campaigning for a city council candidate whose family name is on half the buildings in my town, has a street named after them, and basically owns the O.C. I dislike his candidacy for two reasons: first, if you have that much power in the town, do you really need to be on the city council? and second, he's basically a schill for the mayor (who I will be voting for, but I think you need dissenting voices).

So, this guy paid a company to hire people to hold campaign signs on election day. It looks like people totally support him, but really, he just bought some friends. Something smells here.

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Muriel said...

You said "doody".