Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I logged on to my Umail account today - it's where ALL the U information is found, and addressed directly to me. I have been avoiding this for a couple of weeks, because it has my tuition bill on there. But tuition is due next week and I thought I'd better bite the bullet. Which leads me to the following:

Where can I pick up an extra 2k in the next 4 days?
Seriously, how much blood would I have to donate?
I have an extra kidney here that's doing absolutely nothing.

Send suggestions... or donations ~wink~

Numismatist, you are now free to comment (NOT ON THE SHOES!).


C&K Finley said...

Have you ever thought about mystery shopping or online surveys?

Muriel said...

There's always those student loans. We got good at those while Mr. Meemoo was finishing up his undergrad. But wait, can you get those for a PhD? I can't keep track. I just smiled when a check is brought home.

numismatist said...

Sell some of your shoes!!

Eris said...

Sell my shoes?! Surely, you jest.

Anonymous said...

Sell your body?

Big Sis