Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mom of the Year

Today Mr. Eris and I took the kids swimming. By the kids, I mean our three kids and the Little Meemoos. The Meemoos have been staying with us for the last 2 days. Super fun!

So we took the kids swimming and had a blast. While there, the Numismatist bought all the gang Creamies. Yum. So I'm wiping melted Creamie off tiny people, and I realize some of them have wandered off. I get up to see if the Little Meemoos are all still above water. I was not concerned about the Little Erises because they spend more time at the pool than they do at home and they know the rules.

The life guard is in the water, pulling out a child. It's the Littlest Ms. Eris. She had followed Little Mr. and Little Ms. Eris - both fine swimmers - to the edge of the pool and decided to jump in. She wasn't in there long, and when he pulled her out she coughed a bit, cried for 5 minutes and then wanted to get right back in the water.

The damage was all maternal. I cannot sit still without thinking about her sinking in the water. I can't stop cursing myself for being so careless. And I can't forgive myself for being such a bad mom.

I like to think I make up for it by keeping them bathed?


numismatist said...

She is like a cat. Cats have nine lives and she has used four of them before she turns two! One just staying alive for the first six months, two tumbling down flights of stairs (one requiring a cat scan) and now her little escapade yesterday. What will she do next to scare us out of our minds?

Yes, sleep was hard to come by last night. I finished the LA Times crossword puzzle at 3 a.m. and still had a tough time getting that vision out of my head.

Eris, maybe you were right. Boys just might be easier.

Meemoo said...

No dice on boys being easier. I told you the story of Little Mr. Meemoo taking a trip down the water slide by himself. Scared everything in me.

And thanks for everything the last couple of days. We feel we owe you a new air mattress as the previous one deflated on us mid-sleeping.

Oh, and payment will be in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Don't children leave the most burning visuals?! Beaten up faces, teeth in lips, broken arms, fetal position on Numismatist's bed.

I like to say think are just more stitches on the mommy badge!

Eris' Sis

Anonymous said...

I meant:

I like to think they are . . . . . .

Anonymous said...

Boys easier??? Had one nearly drown, swallowed 500 vitamins, bitten by a python, face plants into fence poles, burned, almost taken away by social services, one too many helicopter rides and now bull-riding.

Do you think they could be related?