Friday, February 16, 2007

Random Thoughts

- Meemoo is making a list of songs that should be on the Guitar Hero bonus disc. Please feel free to contribute... Duchess, you are welcome, even though I know you will not join my "Add a Neil song" campaign.
- It never ceases to amaze me the way people can twist a tragedy to make it justify their bonehead ideas. Examples: #1 9-11 led to a war in Iraq? #2 A deranged teen shoots a bunch of people in my favorite SLC mall and now we hate muslims????
- I have turned into Jan Brady at work. "Am I invisible? I had that same idea 2 weeks ago."
- Now that I am home alone on weeknights, I keep the house a lot cleaner and the kids are in bed on time. Seriously? I think Mr. Eris is the biggest troublemaker in the bunch.
- Mr. Eris and I record Monday night t.v. and Thursday night t.v. to watch together on the weekends. This means I can watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy (Patrick Dempsey has been a crush of mine since I was 15 and saw him mow the lawn shirtless in Can't Buy Me Love). I would give anything to touch Patrick Dempsey's hair!
- Just a minute. I'm still picturing him on that lawmower.....

Ok, I'm back.
- Scissors should not be left around a 4-year-old. The kid is bald.
- Only 6 weeks till baseball starts. YAY!
- This is the new soundtrack in my house. If only it mentioned the DS.

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