Friday, October 04, 2013

Whirling dervish

Every so often, very rarely in fact, comes a moment in life with two stark possibilities: everything could go perfectly, or one thing could wobble and the whole thing comes crashing down. It's like Jenga, only with your whole world.

I am standing on the front end of one of those moments. It feels as though I am about to walk through a whirling dervish - where I will either walk through unscathed, or I will take one wrong step and be trampled. The good news is, if it's the first, I will have an amazing story to tell. The better news? If it's the second, and I get trampled, I will know almost immediately who my true friends and compatriots are in life.

So to all of you who are going to walk with me through this swirly-twirly-moment, I say thank you. And sorry for getting your hand all sweaty. 

For those of you who are cheering me on, I say thank you. That's it, because there are no words to describe how grateful I am for your support. 

For those of you who are watching with a disapproving glance, I say thank you. Your concern means that you love me and I hope you can remember that always.

And now. We walk!

1 comment:

My name is Michelle. said...

You ARE a whirling dervish and that is why so many people love you.