Monday, April 05, 2010

The Large Hadron Collider

We're very big on science here at the Eris house.

The other night Mr. Eris and I were enjoying watching Littlest Ms. Eris run back and forth, at full speed, between the living room chair and our bed. She would yell, "Charge!" and then hurl her not-so-little self 10 yards across the house. Each run ended with uncontrolled giggling. Until...

~Please know that I was thinking to myself, "I should probably stop her before someone gets hurt." But I didn't.~

Little Ms. Eris came up the stairs. We watched her shadow as she walked, unsuspectingly, into the pathway of her hurtling sister. The two collided with such force that I swear it looked like they passed through each other. They ended up on the opposite side of where they crashed - Littlest with a head wound.

We didn't recreate the Big Bang, but we came close to knocking them back in time.

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