Thursday, January 29, 2009

Variations on Hope

Here are the Inauguration Dresses the Little Ms. Erises wore to church on January 18th. If you asked Littlest Ms. Eris what she wore, she said, "Inauguration Dress. Barack Obama!"

Special thanks to Grandma Numismatist for making Inauguration Dresses in lieu of Christmas Dresses this year.

Here is the pin that appeared at the center of the black bows.

And, drum roll, please......................

Here are the treats Mr. Eris's co-worker brought back from D.C. for me.

That's right, it's a program, a commemorative subway ticket, a pen (that works great!) and a button (that makes the president and first lady look like your town's most trusted news team.


Mrs. Dub said...

Nice work Numi!!

Jodi said...

Those dresses (and the girls) are adorable!