Tuesday, November 04, 2008


What a night. It's been 12 years since I actually enjoyed a presidential election.

I am:
Considering starting a pool to name cabinet nominees. Anyone want to play?
Anxious for January.

PS - Send Jubee your love and condolences, as she was McCain/Palin all the way, and I too know what it is like to have a young and broken political spirit. Way to pick a team and cheer, babe!


Numismatist Facts said...

Keep up the good work, Jubee. We love ya!

djinn said...

Obama has been working on the transition for the last two years; so as far as I can tell, the choices have been made, will be offered shortly; I think Clinton will get a spot somewhere.

BTW, I also read that McCain didn't plan transition at all, feeling it was "bad luck."

Good luck with your family, Eris.

Casidub said...

Honestly? I cried. Tears of joy.
Mixed with a little baby horomone.