Monday, March 17, 2008

Say That 7 Times Fast

Mr. Eris is on soccer sabbatical. Today he went to the doctor to find out how long this unwanted break will have to be and he came home with a post-it note that says:
I have informed his parents that they will be paying for this surgery as they clearly sold me a stud with a bum leg. Honestly, this right leg is getting ridiculous! I am voting we just hack the darn thing off. Suggestions for peg-leg design are now being accepted.


Athena said...

So....if his parents pay for his does that mean you will have to pay for these procedures when your kids are all grown?

Hmmm, something to think about since they are all his clones!

Numismatist Facts said...

I believe his warranty has run out. Your warranty was voided sometime between your wedding and reception.

cuz2u said...

Ouch it sounds like it is going to hurt. Whats the down time for that????