Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happenings and Goings On:

A lot’s been happening in the land of Eris lately that I feel is of note. Let’s see, how about I go chronologically…

1. Spent the weekend in Pocatello with Meemoo, Mr. Meemoo and the little Meemoos. A lovely time. I felt particularly comfortable in Pokey because, as I understand it, Pocatello is the armpit of Idaho and I live in Ogden, the armpit of Utah. Nice little town.

2. Meemoo gave me the best gift ever: a Neil Diamond concert program from his 1992 tour purchased at the D.I. Seriously? The only way it could be better is if it were the program from the 1986 tour (Nincompoop!).

3. Saw Spiderman 3. Um, it totally rocked. Cheesy? Yes. But so are the comic books and cartoons.

4. Getting pumped to head back to work at the shoe store. I have decided (rather, the University of Utah has) that full-time employment will be necessary during my first couple of semesters of school. That being said, a high-stress job rife with deadlines and angst is not the way to go. I am opting for a job I can do in my sleep: retail middle management. Plus, I’ll be surrounded by shoes, thus helping me achieve a zen-like peace at work. BONUS!

5. Little Mr. Eris played his first big-boy little league game on Monday. He was up to bat once: walk. Then he stole second. Then he stole third. Then he stole home. Woot!

6. I mowed my lawn yesterday. No, that is not a dirty metaphor. I used a lawnmower for the first time in my life last night and I rocked! Mr. Eris is feeling a little blue, as he is now basically superfluous. I mean, now that I can mow the lawn, what essential job function does he perform? Oh, yeah. Nevermind – HE STAYS. ~Notice how that became dirty at the end?~

7. I am rocking out to Cher as I type. Dark Lady is my new theme song.

8. Eris is going to be begging the City of Ogden (referenced above) to not throw the book at her. Doggy time-out is expensive, but the misdemeanor charges, that’s where they really getcha.

9. Send internet love to Hobbes. If Donovan McNabb can make his way back, so can you, buddy!

10. Red Sox: 1st in the AL East and topping the pinstripes by 6 games. Woot-woot!


The Duchess said...

#9 is very sweet...but then you top it off with the comment about the BoSox???

Anonymous said...

I am still in shock that you have never used a lawn mower! That is one of my favorite things to do! This is definite proof that we have different sperm donors!

Meemoo said...

Wow! Proud to be the top 3 on your list. And for the record, I have never touched a lawn mower in my life. Mr. Meemoo does not like to see a woman mowing the lawn. Besides, if I learned how to do it, what would I depend on him for??

Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm in 10 years of marriage I can't recall meemoo ever wanting to even look in the direction of the lawn mower. She is free to do it at any time. And just in case anyone is curious, I would love to see her mowing the lawn if she would like. (Contrary to the stated opinion)